Why home automation?

Home automation goes beyond the installation of audio video equipment to include full-home solutions including the control of lighting, HVAC, security, and a variety of other systems, all integrated into one simplified control system.

These solutions give the homeowner complete control over all aspects of their home, right at their fingertips.  They offer a greater level of convenience and flexibility than traditional AV setups, and the controls fit seamlessly into the existing home decor.


Our home automation systems can include handheld remotes,  mobile device control, and a variety of control panels (table-top, in-wall, wireless) form which the user can access household functions for every room in the house.


At inSyncSys, we custom design and program each system based on our exploration of clients needs. We can create personalized settings which can be easily updated as those needs evolve. 

Custom Design

Our systems work within the design of the home, from discreet placement of the equipment to custom TV installation and touch panel designs.